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What Does “a Great Sound of a Trumpet” in the Biblical Prophecy Refer To?

By Xiaochen In the recent several gatherings,how to welcome the Lord’s return had been a hot topic. The Lord Jesus[…]

How to Deal With Bible Prophecies in Accordance With God’s Will

By Song Tao Reading the Scriptures Got Me to Reflect “For to us a child is born, to us a[…]

Are the Word and Work of the Returned Lord Additions to the Bible?

By Li Qing One day, I was reading the Bible in the house when Sister Zheng suddenly came to visit[…]

The Rare Astronomical Spectacle “Super Blood Wolf Moon” Is to Appear, Jewish Rabbi: The End of the World Is Near.

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), at 9:36 p.m. EST on January 20, 2019, the “Super Blood[…]

Required Reading for Christians: The Right Approach to Biblical Prophecies

By Qianhe Prophecies are about things that haven’t happened yet, that God has already told us about. Some of them[…]

Longest Eclipse in Century—(Rare) Blood Moon Will Reappear

Blood Moon to Reappear The rare celestial event—total lunar eclipse, will reappear at 20:22:54 UTC on the night of July[…]

Spiritual Life

vine and branches

The Relationship Between Vine Branches and the Vine

By Yingying Recently, I heard a sister fellowship: “I don’t know why I always live in sin. When something against[…]

Peter is praying in front of the window

Christians’ Practice of Loving God

Lately, church brothers and sisters and I fellowship about the path of practice to love God. And I have some new knowledge of how to love God.

Have a true prayer and communion with God

4 Can’t-Miss Tips for Building a Good Relationship With God

Have You Constrained God?

4 Essential Steps to Truly Believe in God

3 Tips to Become True Followers of God

a christian pray to God

Reflections in Sickbed: What Should We Pursue to Find Real Significance in This Short Life?

By starting her own business, she lived a life of a moneyed individual and won the favor and envy of others, yet she lost her own health. Lying in her sickbed, she reflected on herself and came to see the truth behind pursuing fame and fortune, after which she found an easy way to live and began to lead a life of meaning.

A Christian’s Perception of Life: Man’s Life Is Up to God

By Xinlan “Ring ring….” The hasty sound of the telephone spoiled the tranquility of my room, and the telephone message[…]

Why Has Marriage That Should Be Respected Been Trampled?

Christian Testimony: God Is the Most Powerful Support for Man

Christian Reflection on Life: It Isn’t Worth It to Exchange Life for Money

Saying Farewell to Losing Weight, and Living Out the Most Beautiful Life

Christians are praying to God

Church Life: How to Enter Into True Prayer

Praying is an important part of everyday life for Christians. But do you know why Christians need to pray and how to enter into true prayer? Let us look for the answers together in Sister Kexin’s experiences …

christians pray to God

How to Pray in Line With God’s Will

Prayer is a channel through which Christians can call on God and interact with God, and it is the most crucial link through which Christians may establish a normal relationship with God.

How to Pray So That God Will Listen

a christian pray to God

Is the Lord More Likely to Hear a Longer Prayer?

a christian pray to God

Shared Spiritual Devotion: Brook No Delay in Establishing a Normal Relationship With God

How to Pray So That God Will Accept


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