Honesty Is the Root of Being a Man

By Zhang Yan

I once saw a passage of words, “Unknowingly, in today’s society, we no longer advocate honesty or trust anyone: When meeting the poor in need of help, we go away for fear of being cheated; we even daren’t give a hand to an old person who falls down. How come the society is like this?” After reading those words, I couldn’t calm down for a long time.

I remember that in my father’s time, people paid particular attention to honesty: They regarded honesty as a standard to measure a person and did business in an honest manner. At that time, one without honesty would be spurned and blamed by people, and even nobody would like to associate with him.

Yet somehow we no longer conduct ourselves based on honesty but by these laws of survival such as “Why get up early if there’s nothing in it for me?” and “Everyone for himself and the devil take the hindmost.” Gradually we lose our integrity and dignity: In this society full of material desires, instead of upholding the principle of “Everything is fixed price and neither young nor old are cheated,” those who do business try every possible means to gain the greatest profits with the least cost; and whatever the means they use, as long as they make big money, they will be regarded as “the clever” or “the capable.” Among friends, there is no trust anymore; they only deceive and make use of each other. It is just as a popular saying goes, “Friendship thrives on mutual use.” Even husband and wife cheat and guard against each other, failing to keep their wedding vows.

honesty, trust, integrity and dignity

Why do we no longer conduct ourselves honestly? Some may answer: If we are honest, we will be easily tricked; if we are honest, we cannot make big money; if we are honest, we will be laughed at by others; if we are honest, we will suffer losses; if we are honest, we will be bullied by others. … Driven by those views, we find it difficult to be an honest person that we ought to be.

However, have you found these facts? Without honesty, it is hard for a clever person to be a great talent; without honesty, one will be estranged from his friends and even won’t find a bosom friend anymore; without honesty, a husband and wife will be involved in constant quarrels, living in endless pain and worries; their marriage, like the house built on the sand, will collapse at any time; one will lose his position in the end if he gains it in a dishonest manner; one will finally end in failure if he competes with others by dishonest means. Without honesty, we will become more and more selfish, even to the point that we only think of ourselves.

marriage, trust, relationship

As a matter of fact, honesty is the most valuable thing in our humanity: It is the standard of conducting ourselves, the root of our survival, and the foundation of our living in peace with each other. God’s words say: “Has walked in my statutes, and has kept my judgments, to deal truly; he is just, he shall surely live” (Ezekiel 18:9). “But let your communication be, Yes, yes; No, no: for whatever is more than these comes of evil” (Matthew 5:37). “My kingdom requires those who are honest, not hypocritical, and not deceitful. Aren’t the sincere and honest people in the world unpopular? I am completely opposite as it. It is acceptable for the honest people to come to Me; I delight in this kind of person, I also need this kind of person. This is precisely My righteousness” (“The Thirty-third Utterance”). From God’s words of the different ages, we can see: Honesty is an important component of the normal humanity. Regardless of time, God’s requirement is for us to be honest people, who are the very people He will make complete at last. No matter how evil and dark the world is, the positive things from God will continue while the evil things will be destroyed in the end. This is what God shall accomplish.

Time and facts have proved: Without honesty, “the clever” will finally fool themselves; without honesty, “happiness” won’t last for much longer; without honesty, one will certainly be the loser in competing against others. So, no matter when and for whatever reason, we can’t follow the evil social trends to give up honesty. If we conduct ourselves in an honest way, we will have a brilliant life; if we conduct ourselves in an honest way, we will be able to survive when the evil world is destroyed by God. In other words, being honest, we will gain everything; otherwise, we will lose everything.

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