A Miracle! After Being Medically Diagnosed as Infertile, She Gave Birth to a Healthy Baby (II)

By Xiaodu

One day, Xiaohui suddenly felt nausea. She thought it was caused by excess heat from eating the wrong food, so she took out two TCM prescriptions, but after taking them, her nausea only got worse. Only then did Xiaohui think: Am I pregnant? But then she thought to herself, “How could that be possible? I tried infertility treatments for two years with no success, how could I be pregnant?” But, purely out of curiosity, she did a pregnancy test. The result was positive. She was so excited she nearly leapt into the air. This was amazing! When she was trying to get pregnant, she tried for three years without success. After completely giving up on her plan to get pregnant and have a child and entrusting everything to God’s sovereignty and arrangements, she actually became pregnant. This was nothing short of a miracle! She remembered a story from the Bible her grandmother had told her: When Abraham was 100, and his wife Sarah was already 90, God granted them a son called Isaac. At an age when it appeared biologically impossible to us that she could have a child, a year later, Sarah truly did give birth to Abraham’s son Isaac. Xiaohui realized her grandmother was using this story to inspire her to understand God’s authority. The fact that she was pregnant today was a manifestation of God’s authority and power. Xiaohui felt uncontrollable joy in her heart. She poured out her thanks and praise to God, and was more certain than ever that all human affairs are part of God’s sovereignty and arrangements.

Xiaohui was immersed in the joy of pregnancy, but new troubles came one after another. The doctor told Xiaohui that she was prone to miscarriage, and that she needed to take oral progesterone to prevent it. She also had to get regular checkups to observe whether the fetus was developing normally, and if it wasn’t, it would need to be aborted. The doctor also told Xiaohui that the two Chinese medicines she had taken without her knowledge during the pregnancy might have an effect on the fetus, and he suggested that she preemptively abort it. The doctor’s words were a heavy blow to Xiaohui, leaving her at a loss. Xiaohui knew that it was difficult to get pregnant given her condition, and that this “accidental” pregnancy was a miracle. She worried that if she aborted it, she might never get pregnant again, but if she didn’t, she might give birth to a deformed child. She was uneasy. Although the hospital had prescribed tocolytic drugs for her, she had nothing to assure her it would work out, and she didn’t know what to do.

At a meeting, Xiaohui fellowshiped on her worries and concerns about her fetus. Her sister patiently found passages of God’s word and fellowshiped with her, and Xiaohui read this passage, “So what does science do for people? What science does is that it only allows people to see the objects in the physical world and merely satisfies man’s curiosity; it does not allow man to see the laws by which God has dominion over all things. Man seems to find answers from science, but those answers are puzzling and bring only temporary satisfaction, a satisfaction that only serves to confine the heart of man to the physical world. Man feels that they have already gotten the answers from science so whatever issue arises, they try to prove or accept it based on their scientific views. Man’s heart becomes possessed by science and seduced by it to the point where man no longer has the mind to know God, worship God, and believe that all things come from God and man should look to Him for answers.

Her sister fellowshiped, “We worship and rely on science because the opinions and rhetoric of science are implanted in our hearts. For example, ideas like ‘Science is omnipotent’ and ‘Science is supreme’ make us think when we are sick, we should see a doctor and rely on science rather than come to God to seek God’s will. When science and medicine can’t solve our problems, we fall into despair and pain. Just like, in experiencing your condition, when the doctor said there was no earthly chance that you would be pregnant, you were afraid and worried that your in-laws would look down on you and thus you lived in torment and saw the doctor as your lifeline. When the doctor said the medicine you had taken might influence your baby and advised you to abort the pregnancy, you put God’s words and deeds in the back of your mind and lived in anxiety and misery as you worried the child God granted you wouldn’t be healthy. The fact is that human beings were created by God, and that the defects in everyone’s bodies and what will happen in the future are all controlled by God, and God makes very precise arrangements for people. From God’s words we know that science is not the truth and cannot save people, it can only corrupt, confuse, and mislead people, so if we want to rid ourselves of the pain, we must accept God’s words as our principle of doing things, treat science correctly, and not superstitiously follow science. In your current situation, do what you must to protect the fetus, go to your scheduled examinations, but entrust the fetus’ fate to God and pray to God, and whether or not the child is born healthy, simply obey God’s arrangement, and in this way you will no longer live in suffering.”

After Xiaohui read God’s word and heard her sister’s fellowship, her heart was bright. She was deeply touched, and thought, “That’s right! I don’t understand God’s almightiness and sovereignty, and relying on and superstitiously following science has made my life miserable. But through my grandmother reading me God’s words so many times and fellowshiping on them, along with your fellowship and help, I have gained knowledge of what God orchestrates and ordains, and I will treat the problems I encounter correctly and not be toyed with or harmed by Satan. Actually, I have seen God’s authority in the matter of miraculously getting pregnant after stopping my hormone therapy, and I have personally experienced that science and medicine are flimsy in the face of God’s authority. Now the doctor advises that I take medicine to keep the fetus healthy, and says that if there are abnormalities I’ll have to abort it, so I’ve begun worrying and being anxious about this, which proves that I still don’t trust in God’s authority and sovereignty,. I wish to pray and entrust the fetus to God, and at the same time, I’ll take the medicine to keep the fetus healthy for several weeks. I’ll leave it to God to arrange the results.”

Afterward, Xiaohui’s heart became calm, and she stopped worrying and being anxious about the fetus. At her third examination at the hospital, it was found that her progesterone levels were normal, and at all the regular checkups throughout her pregnancy, everything about the fetus was normal. She knew that God was protecting and caring for her, and her heart was filled with gratitude to God.

In January of 2018, Xiaohui gave birth without complications, and God granted her an adorable son. After he was born, and at follow-up examination, the pediatrician checked his bilirubin levels and told Xiaohui they were high and that he would need to stay in the hospital for treatment. If the condition couldn’t be treated, her son might end up with jaundice, which would cause permanent brain damage and impact his intelligence. The doctor’s assessment sounded very serious to Xiaohui, and she was worried that her son’s intelligence would be affected if he didn’t stay in the hospital, so she prayed to God, “God, You gave me this child, and his illness and everything else are in Your hands. How his bilirubin levels develop and whether they harm his brain are up to You, not the doctor. No matter what the result, I will submit to Your sovereignty and arrangements.” After praying, she thought of God’s words: “Any and all things, living or dead, will shift, change, renew, and disappear according to God’s thoughts. This is how God rules over all things.” God’s words strengthened Xiaohui’s faith. She decided to entrust her child to God. Half a month later, when Xiaohui brought her son back to the hospital for a checkup and found his bilirubin levels were normal, she again saw that God’s sovereignty and power are everywhere, and that only God is truly worthy of our reliance. While Xiaohui spoke with other mothers at the hospital, she learned that their children had to stay in the hospital for continued treatment because of very high bilirubin levels. Xiaohui rejoiced in her faith in God, not just because she didn’t have to spend the extra money, but also because her child didn’t suffer, and she herself didn’t need to suffer that worry and concern.

In her journey from infertile to pregnant, and then delivering a healthy child into the world, Xiaohui personally experienced and felt that God’s omnipotence and sovereignty are practical, that God’s words are the motivation for people to keep living, and that science is not the truth, that it cannot save people, and that it cannot change a person’s fate. Only God is the source of people’s life, only God presides over and orchestrates the fates of mankind, and what people have and lack is entirely up to God. Xiaohui looked forward, in the future, to walking in the light of belief in and worship of God, and living under God’s care and protection.

The End.

Part One: A Miracle! After Being Medically Diagnosed as Infertile, She Gave Birth to a Healthy Baby (I)

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