A Christian is reading a book

A Catholic’s Story: Understanding the True Meaning of the Rapture and Joyfully Welcoming the Lord’s Return

Robbed of Four Years, Guided Step by Step by God’s Love

By Gu Yue, China Editors’ Note: In recent years, the Chinese government’s religious persecution has become more and more serious.[…]

Happily Welcoming the Lord’s Return and Finding the Way to Escape Sin

The Lord is holy, so can we, who often commit sins and oppose God, enter God’s kingdom? Christian Yu’en always used to be perplexed by this as well, but she finally found the way to rid herself of sin.

After Learning the True Meaning of “The Father and the Son,” I Came to Understand the Mystery of God’s Gender

Many people have seen in the Bible how the God of heaven refers to the Lord Jesus as His beloved Son and how the Lord Jesus prays to the God of heaven calling Him Father. As such, they come to believe that the gender of God is male and that when the Lord returns, He must do so as a man. However, does this idea accord with the truth? Will the Lord appear and do work according to people’s notions? Today, let us look for the answer together in Joey’s experiences.


God's Incarnation

What is God’s incarnation? What’s God’s will in His incarnation? Articles selected in this section reveal for you the mysteries of the incarnation.

The Bible and God

What’s the relationship between God and the Bible? How should we treat the Bible? We share the mysteries of the Bible with you and help you know the truth of God and the Bible.

Wise Virgins

What are wise virgins? How can we become wise virgins and welcome the second coming of Jesus? Choice selections of articles in this column can answer your questions.

Kingdom of Heaven

Is the kingdom of heaven in heaven or on the earth? How can we enter the kingdom of heaven? Articles selected in this section reveal the mysteries contained within and help believers find the way to the kingdom of heaven.

Mystery of the Rapture

Christians yearn for being raptured, but what is true rapture? How can we be raptured? Mystery of the Rapture gives you the answer and shows you the way to be raptured.

Amazing Grace

Religious Persecution

Education & Work

Christian Experience at Work I Never Lose Anything by Being an Honest Person

Many people believe that in today’s society, being an honest person means that they will suffer loss. Duo Ji, however, has confirmed through his own experiences that this is incorrect. When he does things honestly at work with his two feet firmly on the ground, not only does he find peace of mind, but he also obtains recognition from his boss.

Looking for a Job Abroad: God Guided Me to Find a Job

Putting Aside Her Capital Helps Her Live Out Some Human Likeness

By Relying on God, I Finally Found the Perfect Job

How to Improve the Frosty Relationships at Work

Marriage and Family

After She Relied on God to Educate Her Son, Everything Became Easy

Christian Yuqing, who began signing her son Xiaojie up for various remedial classes when he was little, always failed to improve his grades. Afterward, as Xiaojie starts to rebel against her strict upbringing, their relationship becomes strained. But after she relies on God and entrusts the matter of educating her son to God, everything becomes easy.

Couple sitting together

I’ll Never Argue With My Husband Over Trivial Matters Again

I Have Found the Right Way to Educate My Timid and Cowardly Daughter

I Put Off Forgiving My Mother for Twenty Years

read God's words

Testimony in Marriage: It Is God Who Frees Me From the Worry About Marital Relationship

Spiritual Warfare

After Experiencing Two Spiritual Battles, I See Through the Shepherds’ “Good Intentions”

Through these experiences, I came to recognize the almightiness and wisdom of God. God moves heaven and earth to perfect people and, through the harassment of the priest, the pastor and the elder, He allowed me to see clearly their antichrist essence, and I came to have true faith in God.

In Studying the True Way, I Gained Discernment of the Pastor’s Essence

Avoiding the Lure of Money Brings a Happy Life

I, a Young Girl, Bid Farewell to My Previous Life of Following Celebrities

Why God Allowed Satan to Tempt Job

Return to God

I Gained a New Understanding of Whether God Has Gender Distinction

Regarding the gender of God’s incarnation, many people believe that God is male because the Lord Jesus incarnated as a man and called God in heaven Father. Could it be that God is really differentiated by gender? The author of this article was once confused about this. But after a period of seeking and investigating, he has unexpectedly made a new discovery.

Free From Online Games, My Decadent Life Burst Out in Splendor

A Christian is reading a book

A Catholic’s Story: Understanding the True Meaning of the Rapture and Joyfully Welcoming the Lord’s Return

I Finally Know the True Meaning of Rapture

By Understanding the Relationship Between God and the Bible, I Welcomed God’s Return