CGI 3D Animated Short 1080 : “Destiny” by – Team Destiny

This short story tells that a man suffered a car accident when he was off to work. At that moment, he awoke from the nightmare. He thought it might be a dream, but he saw that another self was about to work. It really took him aback. He wanted to stop him going out, but the accident still happened. I thought this story would end like this, but this man awoke again … No matter how many times he stopped himself from going outside, but to no avail. Finally, he hit the clock on the wall with his alarm clock, then time had stopped. This time, he avoided the car accident.

Actually, story is only people’s beautiful wish. Each of us hopes that we will be blessed our whole life without disasters and have a good fate. We all want to know what will happen to us in the future and how to avoid disasters, and even try to control our own fate. But can our wish come true? Who controls our destinies? And how should we treat our destinies?
God says, “If a person only believes in fate—even feels deeply about it—but is not thereby able to know, recognize, submit to, and accept the Creator’s sovereignty over the fate of humanity, then his or her life will nonetheless be a tragedy, a life lived in vain, a void; he or she will still be unable to become subject to the Creator’s dominion, to become a created human being in the truest sense of the phrase, and enjoy the Creator’s approval. A person who truly knows and experiences the Creator’s sovereignty should be in an active, not passive or helpless state. While at the same time accepting that all things are fated, he or she should possess an accurate definition of life and fate: that every life is subject to the Creator’s sovereignty. … Only when one accepts the Creator’s sovereignty, submits to His orchestrations and arrangements, and seeks true human life, will one gradually break free from all heartbreak and suffering, shake off all the emptiness of life.

God is the Creator, and we humans are creatures. Mankind’s fate is controlled by the Creator. How can we, the creatures, determine our fate? Only by coming before the Creator and obeying His sovereignty and arrangements can we have a good fate, and walk the right path of human life that is destined by God.

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