Dissatisfied With Your Appearance? This Video Gives You Confidence

“If you could change one thing about your body what would it be?” This simple question starts the short video, brings us different answers, and inspires us. Jubilee Media created this video and they had a short interview with 50 people of different colors, nationalities, ages, genders. The first several young people wanted to change one thing about their bodies because they once were ridiculed for their homely faces and felt self-abased. Later, some children showed us their whimsical answers: a mermaid tail, a shark mouth, wings … The interview was very friendly, very conversational and relaxed. The next question was: When was the last time we were comfortable in our own skin? They all wore a confident smile. This short video ends with a white-haired lady wearing a smile. She said she loves her white hair and doesn’t want to change her looks because she wants to be true to herself. Simple and sincere video with a healing effect inspires us to face ourselves with a confident attitude.

It can be said that one’s appearance is often judged by people in modern days. Even more, one will be bullied because of his average face. Many people feel self-abased, frustrated and even commit suicide. A bunch of people risk plastic surgery for others’ praise, but once it fails, they will suffer more gossip and physical pain, and some of them take it to heart and commit suicide. Though many people don’t care others’ comments and continue to be themselves, they still want to change some parts of their bodies. Some have changed their faces like stars but lost themselves. Several years ago, I wished to make myself more beautiful and popular because my pretty classmates were often asked out on a date and it was easy for them to find a boyfriend. Sometimes, I was jealous of them. If I had been a charmer, I would’ve not feel inferior. However, after believing in God, I come to realize that my appearance is ordained by God and it contains His good will.

God says, “People never understand why they are born into a particular family or why they look a certain way. They do not know that regardless of where they are born or how they look, they are to play various roles and fulfill different missions in the Creator’s management—this purpose will never change. In the Creator’s eyes, the place one is born, one’s gender, one’s physical appearance, are all temporary things. They are a series of minuscule jots, tiny symbols in each phase of His management of the whole mankind. And a person’s real destination and ending are not determined by his or her birth in any particular phase, but by the mission that he or she fulfills in every life, by the Creator’s judgment upon them when His management plan is complete.

After reading God’s words, I came to realize that each of us plays different roles in the ordination of God and has our own missions. No matter family or appearance, they are all temporary things. They cannot decide our fate and destination or whether we are in accordance with the will of God. Hence, as creatures, what we should do is not to compete with appearance or change it, but actively cater to God’s work and carry out our missions God entrusts us. I remembered that after God created the heavens and earth and all things, God saw that it was good. We can understand every single thing He created has value and significance, much less our origins or appearance. After understanding that, I don’t care whether my appearance is good or bad, but am grateful to God for His bestowal on me. Besides, I can avoid so many temptations because of my homely face. If I were beautiful, I would be a show-off, swim with the tide and fall. It would be hard for me to come before God. Thus, my life will be ruined.

Now, I perform my duty in the church with many brothers and sisters, and lead a free and liberated life. We do not compare appearance to each other, but read God’s words more and expend for God with one heart and mind, and seek to fulfill God’s will. In such life, I feel fulfilled and find the true meaningful life. If someone asked me that question in this video, I would answer clearly: I don’t want to change anything. I’m very satisfied because what God has bestowed upon me are the best and most suitable. Thanks be to God!

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