Thanking God’s Creation: Knowing God From Bees

By Wu Ming, China

In my childhood, as my father liked raising bees, I always saw him, wearing a mask, tending bees carefully beside the hive in front of our house. While my sisters and I didn’t dare come near to them, for once we got stung by them, the skin would soon become red and swollen, stung and itched. One morning, when I was on my way to school, a bee was buzzing about my head, and it frightened me into running. However, the faster I ran, the more closely it followed me, which looked like it was running a race with me. At last, I lost the race. Not only was my eyelid stung, but I had a bad fall, which made me burning with anger and hatred. Therefore, I was heartily disgusted with bees and really disliked my father keeping them.

Every time I got stung by the bee, I complained that these little bees were no good for they could only give people sting. Yet my father said to me patiently, “You wouldn’t be stung if you didn’t run. For when you ran, the wind would be generated, and then the bee would chase after you. Actually, these little bees have so many benefits that you shouldn’t think small of them. For example, if you get stung by a bee, the sting will swell up and the swelling usually itches and aches, but it can drive the cold out of your body, which can help treat arthritis. In every spring, summer, and autumn when flowers and fruit trees are all in bloom, bees are busy flitting from flower to flower gathering nectar, during which time they pollinate the fruit trees by carrying the pollen from flowers to them, so that the fruit trees can be fertilized and then bear nice fruits. Bees gather nectar in the day and make honey in the evening. Thanks to their hard work, we can enjoy the delicious honey. Besides, honey can be made into different kinds of royal jellies which are the best health-care food. They are quite nutritious and can prevent and help treat many diseases, such as a bad appetite, sleeplessness and dreaminess, low backache, leg pain, headache, vertigo, numbness in limbs, ringing of ears, and so on. The royal jelly can also moisten the lung, relieve cough, resolve phlegm, replenish blood, invigorate Qi, promote flow of Qi and ease the bowels. Furthermore, it can help improve biological resistance to diseases and stimulate blood circulation. You see, these little bees make great contribution to people. Especially the queen bee, she is the leader of the swarm and the mother of all the worker bees in the hive. Her primary duty is laying eggs. In normal circumstances, she can lay two thousand eggs a day. These eggs are very rich in protein and can be used by people as a food.” After learning the bee’s function from my father, I was full of wonder: These little bees are so beneficial to people. They are really amazing! Afterward I no longer disgusted at them as before. Sometimes I thought: Who bestowed these skills upon the bees? How incredible!

Only after I believed in God and read God’s words did I come to know that living creatures amongst all things are the miraculous creation of the Creator. God’s words say: “When a commitment or promise is uttered from the mouth of God, all things serve its fulfillment, and are maneuvered for the sake of its fulfillment, and all creatures are orchestrated and arranged under the dominion of the Creator, and play their respective role, and serve their respective function. This is the manifestation of the Creator’s authority (“God Himself, the Unique I”). “On the same day that these various livestock came into being, by the Creator’s word, a plethora of insects also appeared, one after the other. Even though they were the smallest of the living things among all creatures, their life force was still the miraculous creation of the Creator, and they did not arrive too late…. Some fluttered their little wings, while others slowly crawled; some hopped and bounced, others staggered; some barreled forward, while others quickly retreated; some moved sideways, others hopped high and low…. All were busy trying to find homes for themselves: Some pushed their way into the grass, some set about burrowing holes in the ground, some flew up into the trees, hidden in the forests…. Though small in size, they were unwilling to endure the torment of an empty stomach, and after finding their own homes, they rushed to seek food to feed themselves. Some climbed upon the grass to eat its tender blades, some grabbed mouthfuls of dirt and fed it to their stomachs, eating with much gusto and pleasure (for them, even dirt is a tasty treat); some were hidden in the forests, but they did not stop to rest, as the sap within the glossy dark green leaves provided a succulent meal…. After they were satiated, still the insects did not cease their activity; though small in stature, they were possessed of tremendous energy and limitless exuberance, and so of all creatures, they are the most active, and the most industrious. They were never lazy, and never indulged in rest. Once satiated, still they toiled about their labors for the sake of their future, busying themselves and rushing about for their tomorrows, for their survival…. They softly hummed ballads of various melodies and rhythms to encourage and urge themselves on. They also added joy to the grass, trees, and every inch of soil, making each day, and each year, unique…. With their own languages and with their own ways, they passed on information to all the living things upon the land. And using their own special life course, they marked all things, upon which they left traces…. They were on intimate terms with the soil, the grass, and the forests, and they brought vigor and vitality to the soil, the grass, and the forests, and brought the exhortations and greetings of the Creator to all living things (“God Himself, the Unique I ”).

From these words of God I saw God’s authority and power to create all things. God created a plethora of insects and animals of varied and diverse forms, bestowed upon them special skills, and made them play respective roles and exist in an interconnected and interdependent way. They pass on information with their own languages, serve their respective function, and bring vigor and vitality to the world. Take bees for example. The nutritious honey and royal jelly made by bees not only are tasty, but also can improve man’s immunity and cure diseases. Apart from the bee, there are countless animals and plants which are of great benefit to the existence and life of people. They are living by the rules for existence predestined by God, devoting their life to people. Behind this are the Creator’s meticulous arrangements for mankind’s survival as well as God’s love for mankind. The living environment bestowed upon us by God contains countless grace and blessing of God, and from all things and living beings created by God, we can even more see His almightiness, wisdom and marvelous deeds. God’s love, His authority and power are manifested among all things He created at all places and at all times!

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