Magnificent Praise and Worship | The Church Choir Episode 11

The Lord Jesus has descended on the white cloud among us with His judgment, righteousness and original disposition, showing mankind true God Godself: bestowing His mercy abundantly and casting out His anger fiercely. He has always forgiven man with His mercy and warned man with His anger. His mercy, lovingkindness, majesty and wrath make people have a fear of Him. His holiness and righteousness make people see the hope, the appearance of light and righteousness and the scene that the Savior has already returned on the white cloud. Only God can see through the world’s evilness and corruption, only God can console this mankind who is moaning, only God can save man from the boundless sea of misery! In God, everything has been predestined, God’s people will surely listen to God’s voice. Under God’s righteous judgment, all those who truly love God will surely return before God’s throne.

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