Why does one still need to receive trials and refinements apart from God’s judgment and chastisement while believing in God?

Bible Reference:

And he said, Go your way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.” (Dan 12:9-10)

And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, said the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein. And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried….” (Zec 13:8-9)

The answer from God’s word:

In light of man’s state and in light of man’s attitude toward God, God has started a new work, so that man can have knowledge of Him as well as obedience to Him and have love for Him as well as testimony for Him. Hence man has to go through God’s refinement of him and go through God’s judgment of him and God’s dealing and pruning of him. If God did not work this way, man would never know Him and would never have a true love or a true testimony for Him. church life of the Church of Almighty GodGod refines man not only for the result of one aspect but for the results of many aspects. Thus God does the refinement work on those who are willing to seek the truth, so that their will and love can be perfected by God. Such refinements become the most meaningful things and a great help to those who are willing to seek the truth and who thirst for God. God’s disposition is not so easy for man to know or to understand, because God is God after all and He will never have the same disposition as man; so it is not easy for man to know His disposition. The truth is not possessed by man from birth and cannot be easily understood by man corrupted by Satan. Man does not possess the truth or possess the will to practice the truth. If man does not undergo suffering, refinement, or judgment, his will can never be perfected. For everyone refinement is very painful and is very hard to accept. But it is in refinement that God reveals His righteous disposition to man and makes known His requirements for man. And in refinement He gives man more enlightenment and more practical prunings and dealings. Through the comparison between the facts and the truths, God causes man to know Himself better, know the truth better, and understand His will better, so that man will have a truer and purer love for Him. This is God’s purpose in doing the refinement work. All the work God does on man has its purpose and its significance, and He does not do any meaningless work or any work unbeneficial to man. Refinement is not to remove man from His presence or to destroy man in hell, but to change man’s disposition, man’s intents, man’s old viewpoints, man’s love for Him, and man’s entire living during refinement. Refinement is a practical test to man and a practical exercise to man. Only in refinement can man’s love perform its original function.”

from “Only Through Experiencing Refinement Will One Have a True Love”

What man pursues is receiving the future blessings. This is the purpose of man’s believing in God, and everyone has this intent and expectation. But the corrupt things in man’s nature must be solved through trials. Where a person fails to overcome within, there he has to undergo some refinements. This is God’s arrangement. God arranges circumstances for you, impelling you to undergo refinements in them to know your corruptions. Finally, you will rather die than not give up your own attempts and desires or obey God’s sovereignty and arrangement.

So to man, without several years of refinement and a certain amount of suffering, he cannot break free from the bondage of the fleshly corruptions in his mind and heart. In which aspect you are still bound by Satan or still have your own desires and demands, in that aspect you should undergo suffering. Only in sufferings can you learn lessons, that is, gain the truth and understand God’s will. Actually, many truths are understood in the experience of sufferings and trials. No one says that he understands God’s will, knows God’s almightiness and wisdom, and tastes God’s righteous disposition in comfortable environments and in smooth circumstances. That is impossible!”

from “How to Satisfy God in Trials”

The more God refines one, the more his heart will be able to love God. When one’s heart suffers, it is beneficial to his life. He will be better able to be quiet before God, will be more intimate with God, and will be better able to see God’s great love and God’s great salvation. Peter experienced hundreds of refinements, and Job also experienced many trials. If you want to be perfected by God, you also have to experience hundreds of refinements. You also must go through such a course and such steps before you can satisfy God’s heart’s desire and be perfected by God. Refinement is the best way through which God perfects man. Only through refinements and through painful trials can man have a true love for God from his heart. Without suffering, man will not have a true love for God. If there is no trial and no true refinement coming within him, man’s heart will always drift outside. When you are refined to a degree, you will see your weaknesses and difficulties, see that you lack too much and cannot overcome many difficulties you encounter, and see that you have too much disobedience. Only in trials can you truly know your real states. Trials can better perfect man.

Peter in his life experienced hundreds of refinements and a lot of painful temperings. These refinements became the foundation for his loving God to the utmost and became the most meaningful experiences in his life. One reason he could love God to the utmost was because of his will to love God, but an even more important reason was because of the refinements and sufferings he underwent. All these sufferings became the guide on his way of loving God and became the most unforgettable things to him. If one loves God without undergoing the sufferings of refinement, his love will be full of his naturalness and preferences. Such love is full of Satan’s will and cannot satisfy God’s heart’s desire at all. When one has the will to love God, it does not mean that he truly loves God. Even if all that he thinks in his heart is for loving God and for satisfying God and seems to be without any intent of his own but completely for God, when it is brought before God, it cannot be approved by God or blessed by God. Even if one has understood all the truths clearly and has known all of them, it cannot be said to be a mark that he loves God, and he cannot be said to have the reality of loving God. Although one may have understood many truths before undergoing refinement, he cannot practice all these truths. Only when he is in refinement can he understand the true meaning of these truths and truly realize the inner meaning of these truths. At this time, when he practices these truths again, it will be accurate and after God’s heart. His practice at this time will be with less of his own will, his naturalness, and his emotion. Only his practice at this time will be the manifestation of truly loving God. It is not that one has achieved results in the truth of loving God when he knows it on his lips and is willing in his heart; nor is it that he has achieved results when he understands it. He needs to pay a great price and undergo many sufferings in refinement before his love can be pure and be after God’s heart.”

from “Only Through Experiencing Refinement Will One Have a True Love”

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