CGI 3D Animated Short Film – Runaway – Disney Favorite

“Runaway” by Susan Yung, Esther Parobek and Emily Buchanan | Disney Favorite

This lovely animated short film is made by three students. It tells us a warm and allegorical story with a humorous way. The main characters in the story were an old refrigerator and its host, who had a good relationship as a couple of long-time friends. Since the refrigerator had been used for many years, its body was shabby. When its host opened the door and took out his drink, the door of the refrigerator couldn’t be closed and its handle was completely broken. Then the young man went out with a brochure, having an embarrassing expression on his face. The old refrigerator began to worry that its host would finally abandon it. Looking at the photo with its host and itself in it, it left home sadly and wandered in the street. When it saw the new-style refrigerators, which were not only beautiful in appearance but confident, its eyes were full of loneliness. It seemed that its suspicion had been confirmed. Being sneered at by the new-style refrigerators, it held its door which couldn’t be closed and beat a hasty retreat. A gust of wind blew away two photos attached on its body, as if their memories would soon be the past. When seeing the abandoned refrigerator in the corner, it was frightened to run away, and finally went to the recycling station reluctantly with memories. … How could it know that after it left home in sorrow and loss, its host came to look for it after finding it not at home? In the end, it had cleared the air: Its host just went to buy a new handle for it, and he didn’t want to replace it with a new one at all. Then their life became warm again.

After I watched this video, I felt warm in my heart, and realized that sometimes, just like the refrigerator, I’m full of notions and imaginations, and even suspicious of others, when I encounter some issue. And there’s always a lot of pressure after I think wild thoughts. Then being afraid of getting hurt or overwhelmed, I just want to escape. But after the issue is over, I find it’s not like the way I imagine. After believing in God, I got to know that root cause of my actions is my crookedness inside my heart and ignorance about God’s sovereignty and arrangements. As God said: “I very much appreciate those who harbor no suspicion about others and very much like those who readily accept the truth; to these two kinds of men I show great care, for in My eyes they are the honest. If you are very cunning, then you will have a guarded heart and thoughts of suspicion regarding all matters and all men. For this reason, your faith in Me is built upon a foundation of suspicion. Such manner of faith is one I shall never acknowledge. Without true faith, then your love is far from true love.” “If people have no verbal or spiritual communication, there is no possibility of intimacy between them, and they can’t provide to each other or help one another. Do you have such a feeling? … Don’t pretend, don’t package yourself; instead, lay yourself bare, lay your heart bare for others to see. If you can lay your heart bare for others to see, and lay bare all that you think and plan to do in your heart—regardless of whether it is positive or negative—then are you not being honest?” After reading these two passages of God’s words, I understand that the reason that I’m tend to think wild thoughts when meeting some issue. That is, I’m suspect others because of my crookedness, while I can’t lay my thoughts bare before others due to being afraid of losing my face. If I don’t regard others with suspicion, but open up to them with an honest attitude. Only in this way, can I avoid any possible misunderstanding.

Another, believe in God’s sovereignty and arrangement. Every day, everything we run into is under God’s sovereignty and arrangement, and moreover His good intentions lie therein. He understands what we lack and what we need. Through all aspects of our surroundings, we learn a lesson from this. If we can accept them from God and face them positively, then we can sum up our lacks more, and find a way to practice from His words. Only in this way, will our life progress. Just as God’s words say, “If you believe in the dominion of God, then you must believe that the things that happen every day, be they good or bad, don’t happen accidentally. It is not that someone doesn’t get on with you or opposes you on purpose; it is actually all arranged by God and He orchestrates everything. What does God orchestrate everything for? It is not to reveal your shortcomings for everyone to see or to expose you; exposing you is not the final aim. The aim is to perfect you and save you. How does God perfect you and save you? Firstly, He makes you aware of your own corrupt disposition, your own nature and essence, your own shortcomings and what you lack. Only by knowing these things and understanding them in your heart can you cast them off.” When I practice according to God’s words, lower myself, drop my speculation and open up to others more, my state of mind is better than before, my thoughts no longer run away with me when I encounter some issue, and I no longer as concern as before about what I can gain or lose, and get along well with others. Thank God! My life is full of sunshine.


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