After Learning the True Meaning of “The Father and the Son,” I Came to Understand the Mystery of God’s Gender

Many people have seen in the Bible how the God of heaven refers to the Lord Jesus as His beloved Son and how the Lord Jesus prays to the God of heaven calling Him Father. As such, they come to believe that the gender of God is male and that when the Lord returns, He must do so as a man. However, does this idea accord with the truth? Will the Lord appear and do work according to people’s notions? Today, let us look for the answer together in Joey’s experiences.

"Yearning" (2) - Do You Understand the Mystery of God's Appearance

Do You Understand the Mystery of God’s Appearance?

Many believers in the Lord believe that the Lord will return in glory, descending on a cloud and appearing to all peoples, so they are always gazing at the clouds in the sky, waiting for the Lord to come down on a cloud, and to be raptured up into the heavens and meet with Him. Is this belief in line with the truth? How should one understand God’s appearance and work? What kind of mysteries does the appearance of God contain?